Why create with Champagne & Confetti Events?

Simple! We know what we are doing & love doing it! We want you to enjoy YOUR day & allow us to take care of all the fine details. We strive for perfection (in the best way!) as we just want everyone to enjoy the event without noticing us in the background.

Have you ever hosted your own party and not enjoyed it to its full extent because you are too busy playing the good host? When you attend other functions, events or parties you are more able to relax and appreciate the experience‚Ķ Which is exactly what we want for everyone attending your wedding or function.

Weddings and events usually take a great deal of effort and time to plan months before the special day and are then over in a blink of an eye. In allowing us to gracefully handle the minor details you will be able to fully enjoy the magic of your event with loved ones.