Ashleigh & Terri here! Welcome to Champagne & Confetti Events! Ashleigh is the main person you will communicate with throughout your experience with us & most importantly be the smiling face that is there on your special day.

Want to know a bit more about us & our goals? Read below to give you a little bit of an insight but please feel free to give me a call to discuss your requirements to see if we are a match made in heaven <3 

Experience & Passion


I (Ash) have always been a creative soul and loved anything arty growing up as a child. So much so that I originally wanted to be an interior designer, must have been my love for turning something drab into something fab. It wasn’t until I took charge of a surprise birthday party when I was 15 years old when I came to live in organising an event. That’s when my family sat me down & gave me a different path to follow and boy was I glad I listened!

From there it went to working at a winery that hosted the most amazing weddings. The flowers and the candlelight flickering among the wine barrels was something magical. To broaden my events space, I then moved onto a more corporate role which was organising track days around Australia. Leathers and motorbikes were certainly not as glamorous as lace gowns but I still had a blast going around the track on the back of a Ducati.

From there I was offered a position to be a wedding coordinator for a venue which was beautiful, I managed to double the yearly wedding in 6 months by understanding their couples and working out what was best for each of their needs and budget. I often used to get in trouble by my manager for going “above and beyond” for each client as if I was “their” wedding coordinator and not there for the venues needs.. silly I know! That’s when I realised there was a gap between wedding planners and venue coordinators.

A year later with support and encouragement from my amazing family, Champagne & Confetti was born. We haven't looked back since & can now honestly say that we LOVE doing what we do with the amazing couples we have been lucky to book along the way :)

What makes me tick? I am probably the most pedantic person you will meet, I have extreme OCD when it comes to table settings and decorations. When I vision and plan for something a certain way it has to get done that certain way, my family and partner find it infuriating but hey that’s why I am in this industry. I absolutely love seeing everything come together at an event, I am all about the love and how pretty everything looks, typical girly girl!

More than happy to tell you more and discuss your dream wedding over a coffee or even a glass of wine and a killer cheese platter xox

Your Moment, Our Passion!
— Ash & Terri x